Moving it forward

I apologize for not being around on social media for awhile. I have no excuse. So here goes once again…

I flew to New York City this weekend for various social and other commitments. On the flight up north, I sat next to Jeffrey Gitomer, the best selling author and guru in the world of sales. Our exchanges during the flight brought to mind how important it is to network, think creatively and to be be up to date with today’s changing technologies and social media. Anyone in business needs to keep an active mind connected to the pulse of today. Getting lax only means that someone else will step ahead of you. In realizing that I took a back step in my blogging, I am back here talking to my followers, hoping that I can make a difference in your life.

Today is about “moving it forward”. Why? I firmly believe that even the smallest act such as a smile can go a long way to help someone else. There is no time to wait for things to happen to you. Don’t expect anything- if it comes, great! Then turn that positive energy over to someone else and feel good that you made a difference in another person’s life. It will have a positive effect on you just knowing your own energy can help another being.

You don’t have to set time aside to “move it forward”, you just have to see the opportunity and move quickly.

Wishing you all a happy day!!

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