Keep your chin up

I had a conversation with a client today who reinvented herself as an event planner after losing her job as a successful banker during the economic crisis. My client approached me to help her find an equivalent job and pay.

My client, age 55, did not realize how difficult it would be to replace her position. My job was to change her thought process, keep a positive attitude and be open to all possibilities.

Experienced professionals who have been in the workforce for many years are at a disadvantage in today’s job market. Many baby boomers are not current with necessary computer skills and software, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in, and other social media venues.

I created a plan for my client to reach a different self defined goal and broke it into one month attainable goal segments

In a 9 step plan, my client met each challenge with ease.

1. Education
Enroll in a university, graduate, or certificate program to attain a new skill set. Employers search for candidates who are current and who bring new ideas to the market.

2. Discipline
Set a daily routine, wake up early as if you were going to work and work through the entire day. Dress in business attire. Be positive about yourself and your future.
You will look the part if you go out, and you will feel better about yourself.

3. Develop a new business idea.
Create a list of hobbies, interests and passions
Find your new business from this list.

4. Search the web
Key in words for jobs that tie in with your skills and passions. Write a resume template that can easily adjust to various posted positions. Set a fixed time daily to search the web.

5. Find a job.
Get into the work force even if it pays only a fraction of what you were accustomed to earning and even if the position is not up to the status of your previous position.

6. Create your own business at the same time.
While you continue to look for employment, you are setting up a new business based on your passion or interest list. Create a web presence and business cards. Pitch yourself to contacts.

7. Volunteer in an organization.
Enlarge your contact base and look for leads while pursuing your passions or interests.

8. Network
People in your network group are supportive and will refer you to their contacts.

9. Smile and keep your chin up!
A person who faces disappointment, can regroup successfully by taking action, and not by dwelling in failure. Think positively and push forward. People are drawn to people who show confidence and energy. Smile! If the job is not out there, create it! And keep your chin up!!

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