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October 2013

Grieving – A matter of time

This year, my three closest friends lost their husbands at an early age. There are no magic potions that will help a grieving friend to come around quickly, in truth it is a matter of time that heals the soul and allows a grieving person to create a new routine. Often it takes a minimum…

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Making an investment in yourself

We always overhear people talking about making investments in life. We hear the talk about taking risks, how important they can be for future gain as well as setting the tone for things to come. There are prudent investments and unwise one, but I think what is most important is a willingness to take a…

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Initiate and show positive energy

Very often I have clients who feel as though they are not going anywhere in their business life. They feel stagnant. Being a team player goes a long way when the team player has a positive outlook. Each day is filled with stress and problems. Show your peers and superiors a positive attitude and initiate…

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Lately I have been hearing my clients and friends comment to me that they are overwhelmed! It seems that our normal days are scheduled from hour to hour, often with only a few minutes between appointments. How many days have you missed your lunch because you were simply too busy? Life is different today than…

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