Reinventing Yourself

The other day one of my friends who lost his job several months ago was in a low mood. After talking for a few minutes, I realized that my client had not come up with any plan to move forward. I listened to his complaints, how things just do not work out, and how it seems that everyone else is doing better and why nothing is right. The complaints went on and on. I stayed quiet for awhile as he repeated himself again and again. I then suggested that once the decision was made to go into something on his own, he would need a clear plan of action. After a moment of silence, he admitted that he really did not have one completely thought out. Instead of the whining, complaining and looking to see how others are doing, I suggested that he use that energy to figure out what to do.

It is very difficult to reinvent yourself without a specific plan for at least a year and then break it down into months as to what you expect to accomplish.

I generally advise my clients that if they plan to reinvent themselves, they should have a backup plan for financial commitments for at least a year or two. If there is no income coming in, then it will take longer for the plan to activate. I generally advise the person to get a full time job, either in a different field, or take an entry level position if available, or at the very least a part time job so there is money coming in. Having another job offers other possibilities as well while you are looking to create a new niche. It offers new contacts, new ideas, new technologies, new blood and of course a paycheck at the end of a week. Always allow time for working on the new project and stick to a specific schedule per week.. Discipline is a key to success.

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