New Year’s Resolutions

I’ve been thinking about New Year’s resolutions and why people feel compelled to make them each year. I also notice that they simply say, “next year, I am going to do…. and then either they do not do what they intended to, or they simply do not stay with the thought. Without an active plan, it is hard to achieve anything. Simply composing a to-do list and getting through the day and crossing out items that have been accomplished is just a day to day affair. Real success requires a plan that is monitored, amended and checked monthly.

It can be the simplest health goal such as “I am going to drink more water each day”. But what does that really mean? If the goal is to drink 8 glasses, then plan when you will drink them and stick to the schedule. The plan is what is important, not the actual desire to do something. Crucial to the plan, is making sure the plan is followed. So how do you do it?

My job as a life coach, is to keep a client focused, on track, and always moving forward. If the goal is as broad as “I want to get healthy this year” or I want to lose 5 pounds in 3 months, then a life coach partner will help keep the person focused. The life coach requires that the client write down the specific tasks or actions with times to address the tasks. The tasks are checked on a regular basis and since nothing is black and white, the plan will require amending along the way.

Why is it that a new year is the time that most people use to define these desires and goals?

There is a period of time during the holidays from Thanksgiving through Christmas, when people let go of their schedules; they are not as disciplined, there are so many distractions and days off. The normal routine is interrupted by dinners, parties, travel, company and family visits. This is a finite time,  suddenly, Christmas is past, then the New Year festivities with parties and brunches. Afterwards, people are exhausted from all the tumult, there are bills to pay and tons of catch up paperwork waiting patiently to be attended to. Since the holiday period is uprooting, and lacking any balance, people make excuses to “let go” with the thought that afterwards, they will get back on track.

Well the time is here, to refocus, get organized and set new goals!

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I look forward to working together. Happy New Year 2014!

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