Being “consistent”

As a personal and business life coach in Boca Raton, I hear all too often from associates, friends, clients that things just do not seem to run smoothly. Many of the issues seem to center around children being misbehaved, whining, throwing tantrums, being rude and complaining about being bored.

After some thought to some of the stories that I hear, my word of advice is consistency. What does consistency mean in these cases? Children especially need to follow a routine. Life is just easier when a routine is consistent and is followed. Wake up the same time each day, eat breakfast at the same time. Eat lunch and dinner at regularly scheduled times and go to bed at the same time. Just following simple steps will make a difference in the behavioral patterns of children and even adults. We get cranky when we are hungry or tired. Our bodies need consistency.

I always advise my clients not to push their children into many after school activities, but to let them get some rest. Let them have down time, quiet time. We live in such a frenetic world today where there is constant stimuli thrown at us. Children do not know how to do nothing. They are on the go so much, that they cant seem to catch their breath. Their health suffers. They complain of stomach ailments, nausea, exhaustion. Keep unhealthy snacks and foods to a minimum. Look for fresh ingredients and stay away from processed foods. Keep television and gaming to scheduled time slots.

When children start whining, do you accommodate their requests just to shut them up? In fact this is the time you need to be even stronger. Do not give in to comments such as,”but every one else’s parents lets them do things”. You are not those parents. Stay true to your gut. If it does not feel right, it probably is not. Make your children accountable for their actions. Do not let them get away with things because it will make your lives and theirs without any boundaries.

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