Giving to the Community

I was thinking the other day about how many people I run into who are truly having difficulty in their professional or personal lives. While I understand my time, my value and worth in dollars, I know that there are situations where people who are truly in need just need a little luck to get ahead.

What is wrong with “giving back to the community”? I have always volunteered for years and years as a Board Director, chair of a committee, or as an officer in leadership positions. I am blessed with skills that allow me to see problems immediately and am able to organize the issues to make it clear to my clients that life does not have to be overwhelming.

Today at an event, I ran into someone who was a mere acquaintance. We had spoken several times during a period where we both worked as volunteers. I asked how she was doing, to which she responded that she had a new job that seemed to have good potential. She then told me her husband is out of work and that he has been seeing a therapist for some months with no progress in the job sector. She told me that it would be really helpful if I would speak to her husband. I thought for a split second, “of course” I said, “here is my number, tell him to call me and I will spend a session with him on me”. I realize that I didn’t have to say anything, let along offer to speak to her husband at no charge. But in a brief second, I thought about being in that place and how meaningful it would be to me if someone were to “pay it forward”.

The woman was so grateful that she thanked me several times and I walked away just feeling a bit better about myself too! If we can help another person move forward in their lives, without compensation, just maybe, and maybe not, something nice will come your way when you least expect it!

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