Everyday we experience emotions all across the board. We feel sad when we experiences a loss, we feel lonely when we see couples together as we find ourselves alone.  We feel jealous when someone has more money, we feel scared at the prospect of not being able to be self supportive, or frustrated at not being able to get a job. We feel depressed because nothing seems to be going right, we feel discouraged because whatever we try does not go well. All of these emotions are real, raw and overwhelming to balance. Imagine if we spent as much energy trying to find gratefulness as we do allowing ourselves to wallow in sadness? If we spent the time trying to find the positive in the negative, we could ultimately erase the overwhelming negative emotions that pervade our thoughts. It is important to release the emotions and replace them with a positive thought. Let us accept our “package.”  Let us not peer into someone else’s life and say that their life is so much better than mine. How would anyone know that life is better elsewhere? Because it looks that way? The emotions are all the same, The problems are just different. Being grateful is a victory. Defeat is easy.Finding gratefulness is all around us. We must open our minds and our eyes and see, feel, touch and experience what we take for granted. Being grateful is the laughter we can create, the smell we can intake, the beauty we see, the skill-set we possess. Find your gratefulness and express it daily. Then smile and take action.



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