Personal Life Coaching – Typical Issues

Personal Life Coaching with a client

When you look at your own life objectively, does it make you happy when you look at the things that you have done in the past…or do you find yourself disappointed? Do you often feel as though your life has no meaning or direction? Do you look at other people’s lives and ask: “Why do other people have it easy but I’m always struggling?” Most of the time, it is because those people have a focus and plan to meet their specific goals. This is where personal life coaching can help.

Admitting you need help is an admirable quality. Seeking a life coach partner is an act of good judgment in order to improve your life. There are many people who are cautious to hire a personal life coach. They think they will be looked down upon by their peers and criticized for their ‘flaws’. Admitting you need help is an admirable quality. Your desire to want a better life for yourself should be applauded not demeaned or ridiculed. Avoiding difficult situations will do you no good but hiring a life coach can bring out the best in your and bring wonders to your life.

The following are issues best suited to Personal Life Coaching

Personal life coaching issues:

  • My spouse and I always fight
  • My partner always criticizes me
  • I am bored in my relationship
  • I’m not “in love” with my partner
  • My spouse wants a divorce
  • My partner is cheating on me
  • I can’t do everything, I’m overwhelmed!
  • I have no free time to enjoy life
  • I am in debt
  • My spouse has passed away
  • I am lonely
  • I have serious health issues
  • I want to stop smoking
  • I have elderly sick parents
  • I want to lose weight

Sports Performance Issues:

  • Confidence building
  • Nerves
  • Distraction and Concentration
  • Practice
  • Motivation

Academic Performance Issues:

  • Nerves before taking exams
  • Stress
  • Studying techniques
  • Organizational skills
  • Distraction
  • Pressure
  • Confidence building
  • Motivation