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December 2013

Everyone needs a break!

It’s hard to believe but yet another year is breezing past. It seems as if there are never enough hours in a day to do all the “to do” things on our lists. So here we are at holiday time, a time when schools are out for 2 weeks or more, and when people are…

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Reinventing Yourself

The other day one of my friends who lost his job several months ago was in a low mood. After talking for a few minutes, I realized that my client had not come up with any plan to move forward. I listened to his complaints, how things just do not work out, and how it…

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Managing expectations

Very often, I hear the words, ” I expected that my life would be different”, or ” I expected that I would be married by now and settled”, or “I expected to have a good job” etc etc. How do we handle and manage these expectations when they do not come to fruition? We have…

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