A year ago, my career, and to an extent, my personal life had gone off track as a result of some bad luck, bad timing and bad decisions. It was my lowest point in recent memory and I knew that I needed help getting back on track. Instead of working with a backward-looking therapist, my parents and I agreed that I would be better served with a forward-looking approach. I needed a strategist, a teammate, a motivator – in essence, I needed a life coach. I was introduced to Harriet and she quickly understood the type of person I was and from where I was coming. By our second meeting we began to plan – the next week, the next month, the next year. It was a dynamic plan of action with attainable goals, little victories and measured success that was constantly evolving to address each new issue I faced.

A year later, Harriet and I have made great strides in redirecting my career and my life. I am, without doubt, a stronger, more self-assured person with greater confidence in myself and control over my destiny. In short, I am back on track.

But I, like everyone else, am a work in progress; with skills to hone, flaws to fix and obstacles to overcome. And so Harriet and I continue planning for the challenges and opportunities to come – next week, next month and next year.


You are truly my angel. I get so much from our meetings. I am excited about doing my work with the tools and insight you have given me.


I will recommend you to anyone I know who needs professional career guidance and personal advice.


I really enjoy being with you and love your energy and perspective- you are so calm and make me think I can do anything.


You are an angel. Some lucky woman who ends up finding me is going to have a huge IOU to you!


Your strength and advice to navigate this maze I now call my life is unmeasurable. How can I thank you for all that you have done for me?


Thank you for caring and entering my personal space…you truly are a wonderful person and my world is already a better place.


Thank you for getting me out of my job and the “sinking ship”.


I love your energy and your calm nature.. thanks for not judging me but helping me to realize that I have the strength to make good decisions.


Thanks for being you!


Thanks for opening my eyes and seeing things in a way that I never would have. I really feel so comfortable with you and know that you are constantly thinking of what is best for me.